Ballena Beach Club

Ballena Beach Club

Ballena Beach Club is a restaurant, resting place for visitors of Uvita/Ballena National Park. The restaurant name is Villa Leonora and has wonderful food, large bar and easy access to the beach. It is located an easy 20 minutes from Las Villas de San Buenas on the Costanera Highway. There currently is one large pool (with swim up bar), a restaurant and bathroom facilities.

Here are some links to videos of the beach located 50 meters from Villa Leonora.

2. Enjoy the sights and sounds of a sunset at Ballena National Park, just meters from Villa Leonora

All beaches in Costa Rica are public, however, most beaches, especially in the Osa region, do not have services (bathrooms, restaurants, secured storage for cameras, etc) or private parking available. Visitors to Villa Leonora have immediate access to these services giving you the chance to relax and enjoy your day at the beach without any stress or worry.

Stay current with all of the most up to date information, photos and videos of the Ballena Beach Club on Facebook. “Like” it to stay informed.

It is the only established beach club adjacent to Ballena National Park.

Ballena National Park is 270 acres of land and 13,300 maritime acres of sea and located in the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica. Ballena means whale in Spanish. The beach formation forms a whale’s tail and several species of whales migrate past the beach every year during mating season.

Private picnic areas and sea kayak rentals are available. The wildlife in this area is wonderful and it is common for the local monkeys to swing and chatter nearby.

The menu offers fresh seafood (snapper, etc), grilled chicken and shrimp kebobs to name a few. Go to the Facebook page to see photos of the food dishes.


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